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Next Step

Program Guidelines for Participants

Requirements for Participation

Participants in the Next Step Program come to a Host Cooperative Church of a Next Steps of South Carolina (NSSC) Affiliate to workwith Next Step Samaritan Mentors and Lazarus Mentors on setting life-improving goals and taking the Next Steps toward achieving each goal. Participants adhere to these Next Step Program Guidelines andare serious about making changes to improve their lives.

NSSC is a Christ-centered organization, but there are no religious requirements for participation in the Next Step Program.  

Meeting with Mentors

When visiting the Affiliate, Participants sign-in and wait in the reception area to see Mentors. 

Participants meet first with a Samaritan and then with a Lazarus Mentor on every visit to an NSSC Affiliate to discuss their progress on Next Steps and to set new Next Steps toward their goals.  

At the end of their visit, Participants and their Samaritan Mentor are clear about the Next Step that the Participants will take toward achieving each of their goals.  Then their Lazarus Mentor  refers Participants to employment and social resource agencies/ministries or individuals for services and support to achieve each Next Step.  Participants take their Next Steps by following-up on each referral.

On-Site Resources

An Affiliate may have limited resources to help Participants achieve goals and take Next Steps.

Participants without a mailing address to receive employment and social resources-related mail may use the Affiliate’s mailing address for goal related purposes, until they have an address of their own.

Participants may only use the above services when they meet in person with Mentors. 

Confidentiality and Safety

NSSC Affiliates protect the confidentiality of Participant information and do not share such information (including whether or not someone is a Participant) with anyone without a signed release from the Participant or a lawful court order. 

Participants and NSSC Affiliate Volunteers treat each other with dignity and respect, including such considerations as arriving on-time for appointments, being honest with one another, using appropriate language, keeping confidential information private, etc.

For the health and safety of everyone involved, anyone entering Host Cooperative Churches will be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol and will not bring alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia onto Church property.

Due to limited space, as well as safety, security, and insurance considerations, Participants may not store any belongings on Host Cooperative Church property. 

Keeping in Touch

Participants who are no longer actively setting and completing goals and Next Steps make an effort to keep in touch with their NSSC Affiliate by contacting a Mentor at least once a month to let them know how they are doing.  Occasionally, they also drop by for a brief visit to check in with a Mentor.  They encourage others in need to become Next Step Program Participants.




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understand the guidelines as described above and have had all questions I may have answered by a Mentor.  I agree to follow the guidelines as stated and understand that I may be asked to discontinue participation in the Next Step Program should I fail to do so.



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Next Steps South Carolina is indebted to Samaritan Ministries of Greater Washington (, Lazarus Ministry of Christ Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA (, and The Cooperative Ministry, Columbia, SC ( for allowing us to pattern our Next Step Program after their successful ministries.

(Last modified 4/3/2015)