Pastor’s “Next Steps” in Endorsing Congregation Members’ Volunteering in the Community's Next Step Program Affiliate

To attract members of the congregation to sign-up for the 2.5 hour Introduction Presentation about the Affilate's Next Step Program, we need to explore ways the Pastor believes will be most effective in attracting the members.

Some ideas include:

  • Hang the “Make Changes in Your Life” poster and the 1-page Volunteer Training Fact Sheet around the fellowship hall and church hallways where members will see them and ask questions about them.
  • Give two or more members the same briefing the pastor received, so that they can answer questions that other members may have about the Next Step Program.
  • Provide a 1-page Volunteer Training Fact Sheet briefly explaining the Next Step Program, listing the days and times that the 2.5 hour training is available to members, and listing the 10 Volunteer positions.
  • Equip the briefed members with a registration sheet that they can use to register members for a specific Next Step Program training date and time.
  • Equip the briefed members with the Next Step Program Affiliate Church Pamphlets for them to give to people who express an interest in the Next Step Program; and suggest they annotate on their copy the day and time they signed up for the training.
  • Invite Ed Dyckman to brief groups of members about the Next Step Program, e.g., during Christian Education, Outreach Committee meetings, Mission Team meetings, coffee hour, ministries fair, etc.
  • Have the Pastor mention the Next Step Program in sermons and when speaking about “service” and “ministry” of the members within their community.
  • Explore the relationship between the congregation’s vision or mission statement and the Next Step Program.
  • Include a brief description of the Next Step Program in the Sunday bulletin, congregation newsletter, etc.
  • Ask the briefed members to staff a table between services on Sunday, to enlist other members into the Next Step Program training.

What are other ideas that might work in your congregation?


Updated 12/21/2015