Selection of Participant Goals and Status in the Charity Tracker Plus Database

Goals—Basic Needs Goals—Basic Skills
A1. Birth Certificate B1. Adult Education
A2. Clothing B2. Apply for Education Benefits through the Benefit Bank (Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
A3. Complete the Benefit Bank Application B3. Assurance Wireless Phone (Lifeline Assistance Program)
A4. Emergency Shelter B4. Basic Computer Classes
A5. Free Phone Service (Wireless or Home) B5. Basic Literacy Class
A6. Furniture B6. Employment Preparation
A7. Home Delivered Meals B7. ESL (English as a Second Language)
A8. In Home Care B8. Financial Education Program
A9. Legal Services B9. GED (General Education Development)
A10. Permanent Housing B10. Parenting Class
A11. Picture ID B11. Resume (Assistance)
A12. Quick Check – The Benefit Bank B12. Vocational Rehabilitation
A13. Rent or Mortgage Assistance B13. Work Keys Certification – Bronze (ACT National Career Readiness Certificate)
A14. Recovery B14. Work Keys Certification – Gold (ACT National Career Readiness Certificate)
A15. Spirituality B15. Work Keys Certification – Platinum (ACT National Career Readiness Certificate)
A16. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Approved B16. Work Keys Certification – Silver (ACT National Career Readiness Certificate)
A17  Temporary Food  
A18. Transportation  
A19. Utility Assistance  
Goals—Increase Income Goals—Gain and Sustain Assets
C1. Basic Budgeting Class D1. Bank Account - Checking
C2. Child Care D2. Bank Account – Savings
C3. Disability Benefits (SSI, Veterans, etc.) D3. Credit Counseling
C4. EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) D4. Credit Repair
C5. Financial Education Class D5. Critical Home Repairs
C6. Full-Time Employment D6. Home Ownership
C7. Part-Time Employment D7. IDA (Individual Development Account)
C8. Tax Filing (TBB-SC/VITA) The Benefit Bank-SC/Volunteer Income Tax Assistance D8. Weatherization
C9. Veterans Benefits  
Goals—Health Status Categories
E1. Dental Care S1. No Status
E2. Medicaid Approved – Children S2. Currently Participating
E3. Medical Care S3. Did Not Complete
E4. Medical Home (Patient-Centered Primary Care) S4. Did Not Qualify
E5. Mental Health Screening S5. Enrolled
E6. Nutrition Class S6. Pending
E7. Prescription Assistance S7. Received Assistance
  S8. Waiting List
  S9. Complete
  S10. Not Applicable

Updated 5/3/2016