The Next Step Program (NSP) is Something of an Open Secret

The philosophy that small steps transform into large accomplishments is one that has been circulating for thousands of years.  The secret is as simple as walking—one step at a time.  This fundamentally simple process can help you change the resistance in your life—making small achievable and measurable moves toward employment, education, and housing.  Each step accomplished leads you comfortably to a second, and then a third, and so on, until one day you master the change you desire.

We work with anyone who wants to make positive changes in his or her life.  We will work with you as long as you need help and want to participate in our program.  Most important, we will follow-up and stay with you as you accomplish your next steps.

We will help you identify and take next steps toward your goals, provide encouragement, needed information, referrals, and other resources that will help you reach your goals.  We will be with you, every step of the way.

We work with a wide range of nonprofits and agencies to which we refer Next Step Participants for other appropriate assistance in taking next steps.

Join Us in the Next Step Program’s Supportive Environment

If you are trying to achieve a difficult or frightening goal, a small step in a safe, non-threatening environment may be just what you need to realize your goals.

Fear and uncertainty are frequently the reasons people do not achieve their goals.  When you join the Next Step Program, our Mentors help you achieve your goals in a supportive environment of coaching, support, and services.

We Offer Assistance with Employment and Social Services… Our Mentors can help you find ways to:

  • Attend employment workshops,
  • Write a resume you can be proud of,
  • Learn basic computer skills,
  • Conduct a job search,
  • Fill out online applications, and/or
  • Prepare for interviews that lead to job offers.

Through information, referrals, and coaching, our Mentors can help you:

  • Obtain legal advice,
  • Enter addiction treatment programs,
  • Apply for benefits,
  • Receive medical care,
  • Manage checking and debit/credit accounts, and/or
  • Obtain housing.

Once you are in our Next Step Program, our Mentors can also help you obtain:

  • Valid photo ID,
  • Interview clothes,
  • Hygiene and food products,
  • Employment-related transportation assistance,
  • Use of a phone, fax, and the Internet,
  • Receipt of phone messages and mail.

We offer assistance with spiritual counseling

Our Mentors will pray with you if you like, and share with you their walk with the Lord.  If you would like to learn more about Jesus Christ, we will help you.

The Next Step Program Can Help You…

  • Make lasting changes in your life,
  • Learn new skills,
  • Set mindful priorities, and
  • Work on those priorities with intent and purpose.

The Rewards of Applying the Next Step Program in Your Life

Each Participant that visits a Next Step Program (NSP) comes with very different individual needs, although the needs usually involve employment, housing, family life, or recovery from an illness or addiction.  Our basic approach to providing assistance is called the NSP, a unique self-help program that promotes change, dignity, and self-reliance in people who are in need.

Once you enter the NSP, a Mentor will meet with you to help you set personal goals and plan your next steps.  Our Mentors help you take the small actions that will help you change your life in great ways.  By taking small steps over time instead of expecting dramatically large change to occur rapidly, change accumulates bit-by-bit, step-by-step.