Affiliate Facility Needs in Host Cooperative Church

Next Steps of South Carolina (NSSC)

Next Step Program

Each NSSC Affiliate will generally operate its Next Step Program in one Host Cooperative Church.  As an Affiliate grows, it may need to use additional space in more than one of its Cooperative Churches.  Some of the activities mentioned below, e.g., volunteer training and placement and Board of Director’s working group meetings, don’t need to be conducted in the same building as the Affiliate’s Next Step Program.







Access to Supply Area for Participant Literature and Bottled Water



Reception Area


Participant Mail Room



Access to Supply Area for Participant Food and Toiletry Pantry (Optional)



Data Management Team Member Workspace #1



Samaritan Mentor Workspace #1


Samaritan Mentor Workspace #2


Samaritan Mentor Workspace #3



Data Management Team Member Workspace #2



Team Members/Leader Meeting Room



Team Leader

Workspace #1


Next Step Program Director Workspace



Team Leader

Workspace #2


Board of Director’s Working Group Meeting Room (Optional)



Access to

Rest Rooms



Lazarus Mentor Workspace #1


Lazarus Mentor Workspace #2



Lazarus Mentor Workspace #3


Access to Host Cooperative Church’s Copying Equipment



Access to a Refreshment Area for Volunteers



Volunteer Orientation Meeting Room



Volunteer Training Assembly Hall


Volunteer Placement Meeting Room



Access to Wireless and Computer Equipment


Reception Team Members welcome Next Step Program Participants in a reception area.  All NSSC Affiliates should offer Participants bottled water.  Some Affiliates may also want to offer Participants (a) a place to use the Internet and/or the telephone for employment-related activities, (b) use of the Host Cooperative Church’s mailing address to receive employment-related, and/or (c) access to small supplies of food and toiletries.

Space and Systems Team Members will need access to the Host Cooperative Church’s (a) wireless Internet service and computer equipment to operate the online Next Steps Database and Resource Library at and (b) furniture to set up for small, medium, and large meetings and training classes.

The Next Step Program Director, Samaritan Mentors, Lazarus Mentors, Database Management Team Members, and some Team Leaders will all need work stations.  The exact number of work stations will vary with each Affiliate.  Each work station will need furniture, wireless Internet access, and computer equipment.

Volunteer Recruitment and Development Team Members will need rooms for Volunteer recruitment and placement meetings and an assembly hall for Volunteer training sessions.   These areas will need wireless Internet access and computer and projection equipment.

Next Step Program Teams meet regularly and will need a meeting room.  Optionally, working groups of the Next Step Board of Directors may need a meeting room.  Communication and Outreach Teams work in the community and generally not in the Host Cooperative Church, except for their regular team meetings.

The NSSC Affiliate will need access to the Host Cooperative Church’s restrooms, refreshment area, copying equipment, and wireless network and computer equipment.


Next Steps of South Carolina is indebted to Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (, Lazarus Ministry of Christ Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA (, and The Cooperative Ministry, Columbia, SC ( for allowing us to pattern our Next Step Program after their successful ministries.


(Last modified 5/21/2013)