Participants in the Next Step Program come to a host Cooperative Church of a Next Steps South Carolina (NSSC) Affiliate to work with Next Step Samaritan and/or Lazarus Mentors on setting life-improving goals and taking the Next Steps toward completing each goal. NSSC is a Christ-centered organization, but there are no religious requirements for participation in the Next Step Program.

Participants meet with a Mentor on every visit to NSSC to discuss progress on Next Steps and goals and to set new Next Steps. At the end of every visit to NSSC, Participants and Mentors are clear about Next Steps that the Participants will take toward goals and write them down on the NSSC Next Step Card Form. Mentors may provide Participants with information or refer them to social and employment service agencies/ministries or individuals for services and support that NSSC does not provide. Participants set and take Next Steps to follow-up on such information and referrals.