NSSC will provide “hands-on” ministry for individual parishioners who want to volunteer on a regular basis in one of several part-time staff positions, including on the Reception Team, Communication and Outreach Team, Database Management Team, Space and Systems Team, Volunteer Recruitment and Development Team, Lazarus Mentor Team, and Samaritan Mentor Team.

NSSC will provide one-time involvement for individual parishioners to support hands-on ministry through special events such as a food or toiletries drive, a walkathon, a Christmas party, a special project that uses their unique skills and talents, etc.

NSSC will provide group projects for parishioners who want to work together in support of the Next Step Program by furnishing transitional housing/apartments or Habitat for Humanity houses for Next Step Participants, organizing special events, and other work projects.

NSSC will provide leadership opportunities through service on the NSSC Board of Directors, Cooperative Church Council, and special projects.

NSSC will provide opportunities for new outreach ministries in a parish by identifying Participant needs that are not currently being met by employment and social service/ministry organizations in the community, e.g., writing a resume, learning job interview skills, searching for jobs using the Internet, responsible use of check books and credit/debit cards, etc.