NSSC offers a unique partnership with Episcopal and other Christian parishes for local outreach to the homeless and others in need. The Next Step Program is a structured, well-run, and effective means by which Participants learn to help themselves to better lives.

Next Steps will become “their own program” where clergy and laity can confidently refer persons in need to receive compassionate help from NSSC Samaritan Mentors for making changes in their lives and knowledgeable assistance from NSSC Lazarus Mentors for identifying other needed resources and agencies in their community.

NSSC will become a great source of speakers and information resources for outreach committees and other parish organizations that want to learn more about NSSC and the community needs that we seek to serve. NSSC staff members will be available to speak to youth groups, adult forums, and other parish groups about homelessness, poverty, and related issues; as well as NSSC’s approach to dealing with these issues.

NSSC will provide “urban experiences” for groups of young people who want to combine a service project with an educational experience on weekends or during school holidays. NSSC will provide solid volunteer projects to youth groups, as well as experience-based learning activity in each community surrounding the Cooperative Churches that host the Next Step Program.