Each Next Steps South Carolina (NSSC) Affiliate will receive support from a variety of sources, but our most important support will come from Cooperative Churches. In addition to providing representatives to serve on the NSSC Affiliate’s Board of Directors and annual pledges of financial support, Cooperative Churches can participate in a variety of other ways.

Some will host special fundraising events such a walkathons, 10 K runs, and bike races at their parish to help educate young people and adults about issues of homelessness and to raise funds for their NSSC Affiliate.

Some will support events such a the annual Christmas parties for Next Step Program Participants and their families—a wonderful way for parish families to become involved with families of those they seek to serve.

Other Cooperative Churches will adopt community transitional housing or Habitat for Humanity projects that will provide apartments and/or houses for Participants’ families to move into.

Cooperative Churches will also sponsor clothing, food, and toiletries drives to help provide some of the basic necessities for Participants to receive from either the NSSC Affiliate’s Cooperative Church location(s) or social service/ministry organizations in the community.

Individuals can also support NSSC Affiliates in many ways. They can participate is all the activities mentioned above, attend annual NSSC fundraising events and, make their own personal financial donations to the NSSC Affiliate’s work in the community. Individuals can also refer those in need to the Next Step Program.

All the people who work in NSSC are volunteers, predominantly from our Cooperative Churches. The all volunteer staff fill roles critical to the day-to-day operations of each NSSC Affiliate: as members of the Reception Team, Communication and Outreach Team, Database Management Team, Space and Systems Team, Volunteer Recruitment and Development Team, Lazarus Mentor Team, and Samaritan Mentor Team; and as the Next Steps Program Director. Other volunteers can work on special projects, serve on the NSSC Board of Directors as Cooperative Church Representatives, and serve on the Cooperative Church Council.