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Next Steps of South Carolina (NSSC) Affiliates protect the confidentiality of Next Step Program Participant information and do not share such information (including whether or not someone is a Participant) with anyone without a signed release from the Participant or a lawful court order.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to guard Participant information.

Physical Safeguards

Next Step Program Samaritan Mentors collect the following type of hand-written information for Participants during their initial interview using the Next Step Program Registration and Intake Form:

$11.      Identification, emergency points of contact, and follow-up points of contact

$12.      Income, finances, and benefits

$13.      Family status

$14.      Alcohol/drug history

$15.      Medical/health history

$16.      Education/training history

$17.      Employment history

Next Step Program Samaritan and Lazarus Mentors receive additional information from conversations they have with Next Step Program Participants.  Such information generally concerns Participants’ goals and the Next Steps toward achieving each goal. 

All of the above non-personal, handwritten registration and intake information is keyed into the Next Steps Database available through the Department of Social Ministries, at, by members of the NSSC Affiliate's Next Step Program Database Management Team. That team then either (a) digitizes and uploads the handwritten information onto a secure server available through theDepartment of Social Ministries, and shreds the paper forms or (b) places the paper forms under lock and key at the Host Cooperative Church.

Electronic Safeguards

The Next Steps Database at can cover all 46 counties in South Carolina.  Each NSSC Next Step Program Affiliate in each county has password access to its own copy of the Next Steps Database.  

Each Affiliate's copy of the Next Steps Database contains data on those Participants working with Samaritan and Lazarus Mentors in the Affiliate's Host Cooperative Church. There is also a Next Steps Training Database at that contains fictitious data on fictitious Participants. Before becoming a Next Step Program staff member, each volunteer is trained to use that copy of the Next Steps Database.

There are several levels of access to each Affiliate’s copy of the Next Steps Database, including Administrator and Caseworker.  Each Affiliate may determine who receives access to its copy of the Database, but the following allocation may work for most:

$11.      Next Step Program Director (Administrator level)

$12.      Database Management Team Members and Leader (Administrator level)

$13.      Reception Team Members and Leader (None needed)

$14.      Space and Systems Team Members and Leader (Caseworker level)

$15.      Communication and Outreach Team Members and Leader (None needed)

$16.      Volunteer Recruitment and Development Team Members and Leader (None needed except for Training Database)

$17.      Lazarus Mentor Team Members and Leader (Caseworker level)

$18.      Samaritan Mentor Team Members and Leader (Caseworker level)

Access to Participants' digitized personal data residing on the secure server or in handwritten form is be limited to the Next Step Program Director and the Samaritan and Lazarus Mentor Teams.  TheDepartment of Social Ministries maintains a log of who view secure data and each Affiliate, using paper files, is responsible for maintaining a similar log.


Procedural Safeguards

All NSSC Affiliate volunteers receive training in the use of the Next Steps Database. A part of that training is the requirement that each volunteer sign the Next Steps Database Privacy Statement.



Next Steps of South Carolina is indebted to Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (, Lazarus Ministry of Christ Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA (, and The Cooperative Ministry, Columbia, SC ( for allowing us to pattern our Next Step Program after their successful ministries.


(Last modified 6/13/2013)